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     Our "Sunrise Collection" came from India. India are considered to be the cradle of chess game, so it is not surprise that the best chess pieces in the world come from there. Thanks to our collection you will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of Indian chess pieces and great craftsmanship of Indian artisans.
     Almost every of these sets carries a part of the history of chess in the world. Many of them are reproductions of famous pieces, which played the most important chess games, so they can be a real treat for any collector or lover of chess and its history.

     This range of wooden chess pieces is distinguished by its diversity, exquisite finish and unusual design. There are only pure masterpieces. Not only are there classical models but also very original ones. All pieces have been handcarved and polished. Most of models is made of acacia and boxwood however one can find as well the chessmen made of redwood, rosewood or ebony. The piece of knight deserves to be underlined here as it is the most diversified one and constitutes a flagship of each set. We have various sizes available which makes it easier to fit them to the board. Observing even superficially the the consecutive models one can easily notice the care of details and imagination the artisans demonstrated while carving them.  
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