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Elegant, inventive, perfectly made - wooden chess from the manufacturer

"It is said that life is too short to be devoted to chess. But that's the fault of life, not chess." - American chess champion W. E. Napier


You can spend your whole life playing chess, but it's not a high price for the skills, experiences and emotions that they provide us with. Especially if we choose luxury wooden or travel chess also made of wood, magnetic chess.

The Sunrise Chess & Games brand offers almost 100 different models of wooden chess, the price of which is often a really pleasant surprise. The offered wooden chess pieces are made only of selected types of wood of the highest quality. The craftsmen employed by our company, who for years have been creating original sets for the most demanding customers, prepare them with precision and care. In addition to domestic wooden chess, our offer also includes products of foreign craftsmen from England, Spain and India. Especially appreciated by customers of the SUNRISE chess store are wooden chess from the country which is the cradle of this extraordinary game.

Classic chess, large wooden chess - the multitude and variety of games offered ...
... is the best answer to the specific needs of hobby chess players and professional players, as well as people who would like to interest the youngest in playing chess. It is with your needs and expectations regarding boards, figures and chess sets in mind that we are constantly expanding our assortment with new solutions, including XXL chess dedicated to playing exciting games in the open air.

Our regular assortment includes classic chess pieces, as well as boards and figures in various designs and sizes. The GIEWONT set inspired by Zakopane folk art, the EGYPT set with inlay - these are just a few of our unique proposals. Our specialty is chess for two, where you can also successfully play single-player games against your biggest opponent - yourself. In addition, we also offer unique game boards for three people, thanks to which each game becomes even more exciting.

Price - is traditional wooden chess a good investment?

It is commonly believed that wooden chess is expensive, and it is indeed so… The more sophisticated wooden chess pieces we order, the higher their price will be. At the same time, traditional sets can be purchased even below €45 for a set containing a chessboard and chess pieces. If we take into account the pleasure that accompanies the game, during which we move figures made of natural wood around the board, it will quickly turn out that the purchase of a plastic set is practically no savings.

An additional advantage of choosing wooden sets is the possibility to order a chessboard and chess pieces corresponding to our individual preferences. As a brand known for the production of high-quality chess sets and other board games, we offer special chess sets to order. In addition, the sets can be personalized with an engraving, so that wooden chess pieces can be an elegant gift with a dedication.
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