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Digital Chess Clocks

Digital Chess Clocks

Digital chess clocks are now the most frequently used chess timers during professionnal tournaments. They feature the electronic display system which allows to see the time left with accuracy to seconds. Lots of them have diversified time control options (bonus, delay). The choice is wide, everyone can find clock to satisfy proper needs. There are clocks for electronic boards (can be used as sparing partners because of their chess engines mechanisms), clocks for Chess 960, and lots more. All clocks are made of high quality components.

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DGT 1001 Black

23.50 €23.00 €
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DGT 1005 Byo-Yomi Timer

33.00 €29.00 €
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DGT 2010

79.90 €61.00 €
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DGT 3000

94.90 €74.00 €
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DGT 3000 Limited Edition!

78.90 €77.00 €
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DGT Easy Crimson Cruz

39.00 €35.00 €
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DGT Easy Plus

49.00 €41.00 €
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DGT North American

62.50 €57.00 €
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