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Size No 5 (without notation) Black mahogany/maple

Size No 5 (without notation) Black mahogany/maple

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Number:CHW32-50 BLACK W/O



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This 48x48cm veneer chessboard has been crafted from maple and mahogany. This fine chess board has a square size of 50mm and it is ideal for our larger chessmen with a King height of 90mm. This board is available with or without alphanumeric notation.

Chess pieces are not included and may be purchased separately.


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This is my 3rd board I purchased from yourselves and it simply exceeded my expectation as well this time! Impeccable quality. Impressive jet black squares. Smooth surfaced white squares. Excellent price. Would have gladly paid even it the price were double of the original. Will treasure for ages to come as my future wife made me swore not to buy another chess material for a decade at least!! Thank you kindly.

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