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Positional Decision Making in Chess (hardcover) by Boris Gelfand

Positional Decision Making in Chess (hardcover) by Boris Gelfand


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Positional Decision Making in Chess offers a rare look into the mind of a top grandmaster. In his efforts to explain his way of thinking, Boris Gelfandfocuses on such topics as the squeeze, space advantage, the transformation of pawn structures and the transformation of advantages. Based on examples from his own games and those of his hero, Akiba Rubinstein, Gelfand explains how he thinks during the game.

Grandmaster Boris Gelfand won the European Junior Championship in 1987 and reached No. 3 in the World in 1990. He has led the Israeli team to numerous medals at both European and Olympiad level. Gelfand won the 2009 World Cup and has participated in six Candidates cycles, winning it in 2011. He lost the 2012 World Championship match in the play-off. At 46 he is still winning tournaments ahead of the best players in the world, in many cases men half his own age.

Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard is the only chess author to have won all the major awards for chess writing.

Currently available only in hardcover. A paperback edition will be released in 2016.

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-78483-006-9
288 pages - Published 17 June 2015


"Gelfand's book is a revelation."

GM Lubomir Kavalek

"Gelfand is very good - and very honest - at explaining which decisions he could calculate and which decisions he needed to take on the basis of judgment, and how he did that... It adds up to the type of book I love... I think this book has masses to teach any strength of player.

***** (5/5)"

GM Matthew Sadler, New in Chess

"This is an outstanding book, probably the best I’ve read this year.

I have to admit, from a personal perspective, that I found this book to be the most useful decision-making chess guide I have ever read. It’s jam-packed full of useful gems, little pieces of positional advice that probably just come naturally to Gelfand, but need to be dictated to and learned by the rest of us."

GM David Smerdon (full review)

" This is a special book, which explains important concepts through wonderful games, annotated with wit and insight by a phenomenal player. The notes to Game 7 of the Anand – Gelfand World Championship match alone are worth the price of admission.

My assessment ***** (5/5)"

IM Sam Collins

"There are many original and perceptive observations sprinkled throughout this book... This is must reading for any serious chess player. My strongest recommendation without reservation"

IM John Donaldson

"Gelfand has given us a superlative book...

This might well be the book of the year, and serious students of modern chess practice should not miss out on its lessons."

John Hartmann, Chess Life

"When purchasing a Quality Chess product that is exactly what you get - a quality chess book not only in appearance and handling but also in content. At the moment I am deep into their latest product 'Positional Decision Making in Chess' and can confirm that the standard has been maintained and even (if this is possible) improved.

Gelfand has been on the chess scene for many years and can truly be called one of the elite. His experience shines through in the book... Not only is the book a pleasant and easy read, it is very instructive and is worthy of deep study."

Bill Frost, Chess Devon (full review) 

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