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Grandmaster Repertoire 19 - Beating Minor Openings by Victor Mikhalevski

Grandmaster Repertoire 19 - Beating Minor Openings by Victor Mikhalevski


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Wydanie w miękkiej okładce, wersja językowa - angielska.

Beating Minor Openings offers a world-class repertoire for Black against every sensible first move apart from 1.d4 and 1.e4. GM Victor Mikhalevski advocates an ambitious approach for Black, with the aim of occupying the centre and fighting for an advantage, rather than mere equality, wherever possible.

The most critical moves covered are 1.c4 and 1.Nf3. Against the latter, Mikhalevski supplies a range of replies to allow for transpositions to most queen’s pawn openings. In a review of Mikhalevski’s previous book for Quality Chess, IM John Cox commented: “Given the goal the book has set itself, I don’t believe the job could have been done better.”

Victor Mikhalevski is the reigning Israeli Champion and is renowned as a leading theoretician.

ISBN 978-1-907982-46-0 - 584 pages - Published 5 October 2016


"The scope of the book is amazing... Mikhalevski has clearly put a massive effort into this work and I would recommend it unreservedly to anyone looking for guidance against an oft neglected part of the repertory.

It's an excellent book, worthy of 4 stars!"

GM Matthew Sadler, New in Chess

"I find it remarkable that the author has covered the minor openings in such depth and unearthed so many promising novelties. Of course, very hard work is required to derive the most benefit from the material on offer, but such a pushy repertoire – refusing to accept equality as the primary aim – could go some way to improving results as Black."

Sean Marsh, CHESS magazine

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