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Chess for kids

Chess for kids, why it is so important to play chess with kids?


Why chess?

Chess is an extremely specific game, constituting a kind of intellectual activity which positively affects the child's personality and mental development.

While playing chess, children learn creative and wise strategy of moves to trick and defeat their oponent. Chess teaches logical and spatial thinking, develops mathematical skills, and it’s great fun and entertainment for all palyers.


How to choose the right chess for your child?


Chess market is very huge and choosing the right chess set is somtimes big problem for parents. I advise to choose Tournament wooden chess set because sooner or later, your kid will have contact with them at schools,chess lessons or chess tournaments. Accustoming children to the basic appearance of the figures is very important so the most recomended by FIDE are Staunton Tournamnet chess pieces. You can fidn them here:




Pic:Tournament No5 wooden chess with Tournament chess pieces.

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What other chess assortment that can help my kid increase chess skills?


Very good practice to increase chess skils are profesional chess books. In our web store you can find many great positions published by : Quality chess and New in Chess. „Basic Chess Opening fo kids” ; „ Super Chess Kids”, „Tacticmania”, „Power Chess for kids:learn how think ahad” are just few good examples of books for young player.





Pic: „Power chess for Kids” published by New in Chess.

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