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Dynamic Decision Making in Chess by Boris Gelfand (miękka okładka)

Dynamic Decision Making in Chess by Boris Gelfand (miękka okładka)


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Wydanie w miękkiej okładce, wersja językowa - angielska

In Dynamic Decision Making in Chess former World Championship Challenger Boris Gelfand continues his investigation into decision-making at the top level, discussing some of his best games as well as his worst slips, giving the reader a unique insight into the mind of a world-class grandmaster.

Grandmaster Boris Gelfand has been an elite player for 30 years, winning the World Cup, Olympiad Gold, Candidates and many other top tournaments. In 2015 Positional Decision Making in Chess won the ECF Book of the Year award.

Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard is the only chess writer to win all the major awards for chess writing.

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-78483-012-0 Hardcover: 978-1-78483-013-7

288 pages -  Published in Hardcover 31 August 2016

Paperback will be available in 2017

Reaction to Positional Decision Making in Chess:

“Gelfand is very good – and very honest – at explaining which decisions he could calculate and which decisions he needed to take on the basis of judgment, and how he did that... It adds up to the type of book I love... I think this book has masses to teach any strength of player.” GM Matthew Sadler, New in Chess

“The most useful decision-making chess guide I have ever read.” GM David Smerdon

“A revelation.” GM Lubomir Kavalek

“Gelfand has given us a superlative book... This might well be the book of the year, and serious students of modern chess practice should not miss out on its lessons.” John Hartmann, Chess Life


"This is a book about doubt, about guessing at decisions, about calculating and seeing a lot but still missing things and how that all works out in practical games at the highest level.

In conclusion, this is a book that speaks to your practical soul... it's an invaluable opportunity to compare your thinking process to the way a top grandmaster takes difficult decisions."

GM Matthew Sadler, New in Chess

Gelfand's Positional Decision Making in Chess was last year named ECF Book of the Year, and the sequel Dynamic Decision Making in Chess is also worthy of great respect. The format is just right with lots of text and not too many variations."

GM Simen Agdestein

"Dynamic Decision Making in Chess is a wonderful book, one of the best of its kind... The analysis is best suited for experts and above, but players of all strengths can’t help but learn from this book."

John Hartmann, Chess Life

"Gelfand's character and personality really shine through in this ongoing set of books, which is shaping up as a must-buy series. Players up to – and including – grandmaster level will find plenty of interest here, whether it is the original anecdotes, the pieces of advice or the deep annotations."

Sean Marsh, CHESS magazine

"Karjakin-Gelfand... a beautifully analysed game (and there are many in this book) in which one learns not only about the opening and dynamic chess, but about all aspects of a chess game, including psychological factors that always play a greater role than one might think. It was not for nothing that the first book in this series, 'Positional Decision Making' was proclaimed ECF Book of the Year."

Bab Wilders, Nederlands Dagblad

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