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Which chess should I choose?

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Chess for kids

14-05-2020Views: 1398
Chess for kids

Chess for kids, decorative chess

Why chess?

Chess is an extremely specific game, constituting a kind of intellectual activity which positively affects the child's personality and mental development.

While playing chess, children learn creative and wise strategy of moves to trick and defeat their oponent. Chess teaches logical and spatial thinking, develops mathematical skills, and it’s great fun and entertainment for all palyers.

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Chess Sets Guide

14-05-2020Views: 4727
Chess Sets Guidech95

The chess equipment offered by the organisers (hosts) of a FIDE or Continental Championship, Olympiad and other FIDE registered tournaments shall conform with the standards specified by FIDE, and shall be approved by the Chief Organiser and the Chief Arbiter.

Here are the standards of the chess equipment for FIDE registered tournaments approved by FIDE:

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Chess size Guide

14-05-2020Views: 4253
Chess size Guide


altAside from the total dimensions of the chess board its size is also determined by the square size of the board. One of the most important aspects of selecting a chess board and pieces is the relationship between the size of the squares on the board and the size of the pieces that are used.

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