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This is my 3rd board I purchased from yourselves and it simply exceeded my expectation as well this time! Impeccable quality. Impressive jet black squares.…
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Chess clubs and chess schools

If you run or you are a member of the chess club or chess school and you look for chess boards, chess pieces, chess clocks or other accessories, we invite you to browse our offer. We have a wide selection of tournament chess, demonstration boards, suitcases for clocks storage and other useful utensils in the game, more or less professional.


We want to support the development of chess clubs and in this way contribute to increase the interest in the royal game among the people, which is why clubs and schools to offer preferential prices for our products. You can count on the best deals, a wide selection, and special payment terms.


At the same time we encourage everyone to develop your passion and to teach kids how to play this great game. It is proved that playing chess helps to develop children's imagination in spatial planning, also patience and teaching how to focus. In addition, by playing with the children we give them our time and awareness and this value cannot be overestimated, especially in today's world dominated by computer games.


In addition, we have been distributing books publishers Quality Chess UK and USA Mongoose Press dealing with tactics and strategies of chess. We invite you to browse our wide selection of chess books and to place orders.


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