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Beating the Open Games - 2nd edition by Mihail Marin

Beating the Open Games - 2nd edition by Mihail Marin

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For those who bought the original edition we have created a full update

Many players would like to play the main lines of the Spanish with Black, but fear answering 1.e4 with 1...e5 because of White’s great variety of deviations. Acclaimed author Mihail Marin presents a repertoire for Black against the Open Games. This means providing an answer to 1.e4, but not considering the main lines of the Spanish Opening. This includes openings such as the Scotch, Giuoco Piano, Vienna, Spanish Exchange Variation and even the notorious King’s Gambit.

Marin reveals his own opening repertoire, which he prepared for high-level international competition. But besides giving concrete answers to any worries players might have about facing the Open Games, Marin uses his renowned skills to lucidly convey the main strategic ideas. This way Marin has succeeded in writing a middlegame book disguised as an opening book. No one can read this book without being entertained and educated at the same time.

ISBN: 978-91-976004-3-9 - 336 pages - Published 12 March 2008


"Beating the Open Games, joined with A Spanish Repertoire for Black, is the greatest repertoire book(s) ever written for players 1800 right to grandmaster. Marin's legend as a serious chess writer seems to grow every time he puts his fingers on a keyboard."
IM Jeremy Silman
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GM Glenn Flear
New in Chess

"I would strongly recommend this book to any actual or potential 1.e4 e5 player."
Steve Giddins BCM

"This book provides something for every level of player, from around 1500 to even strong grandmasters. If you play 1.e4 as White or 1...e5 as Black, you will not regret purchasing this book, it is well worth it and then some!"
Carsten Hansen

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