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Advanced Chess Tactics 2nd edition by Lev Psakhis (twarda okładka)

Advanced Chess Tactics 2nd edition by Lev Psakhis (twarda okładka)


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Wydanie w twardej okładce.
Język angielski, diagramy szachowe.

A mastery of tactics is essential to a competitive chess player, and the original Advanced Chess Tactics became an instant classic in this field. “This book is absolutely superb. For serious players... this volume will provide a wonderful breadth of study material and act as a workbook to advance your skills and understanding of this important topic...” was Carsten Hansen’s comment when awarding the book 6/6 stars.

This new edition benefits from various analytical tweaks, plus an entirely new chapter dedicated to attacking in the French Defence, an opening which the author knows better than almost anyone, having played it for most of his career. Readers are sure to find this an invaluable addition to the original chapters, which remain usefully categorized by opening or common pawn structure.

Lev Psakhis is a legendary Grandmaster who twice won the immensely strong Soviet Championship before moving to Israel, where he has also been national champion twice. A renowned coach, he has worked with many famous players including Garry Kasparov and the Polgar sisters.

Praise for Advanced Chess Tactics:

“The Israeli GM has succeeded perfectly in putting his gigantic experience and knowledge down on paper... An absolute must for anyone who’s aiming to improve his tactical abilities in a structured manner!” – IM Robert Ris

416 pages - Published 30 October 2019

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-78483-092-2
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-78483-093-9


"The book is written in a light, sparkling tone, which matches the astonishing games - many of which are not well-known - that Psakhis selects and analyses in great depth.

All-in-all a really excellent book, aimed at a stronger audience (Psakhis mentions the rating range 2000-2600), but enjoyable for more, I would think."

GM Matthew Sadler, New in Chess

"Psakhis explains how to use tactics to build an attack. He does this through a series of very well annotated games which are arranged around certain pawn structures and openings... Lev Psakhis is recognized as one of the most important chess trainers of all time, having worked with Garry Kasparov, the Polgar sisters and the Indian national team. This book is a testament to his teaching."

IM John Donaldson

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