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Catalog :: OLD POLISH - Insert tray
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BABUSHKA - Insert tray
The chessmen in this set have a unique Russian or Ukrainian design. They are fully hand-crafted and made from birch wood. They ...
Price:31.56 Euro
CLASSIC  - Insert tray
These lovely chessmen have a classical design. However they rather slim and therefore they differ from the Staunton style ...
Price:39.79 Euro
TOURNAMENT No 6 Inlaid (intarsia), insert tray, wooden pieces
The Tournament chess is the only one considered a professional chess set. This is our larger Tournament set. It goes with our ...
Price:44.88 Euro
ROYAL - Insert tray
This chess set from our Royal range corresponds with the Ambassador set. The chessmen are exactly the same and they are made from ...
Price:44.28 Euro
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INDIAN - insert intarsy
This large Indian chess set has been available now with lovely folding chess board of 50x25x6cm. Chess board has been inlaid ...
Price:44.26 Euro
It is the largest and one of the most luxury sets from our line. The chessmen made from lime wood have been totally hand crafted. ...
Price:237.72 Euro
The design of this set is the same as the one of the large Cesar set CH102. However it goes with smaller chess pieces and the ...
Price:118.92 Euro
ROYAL DE LUX – LARGE Insert tray
Each of these lovely chess pieces from this set is weighted with a brass ring placed above the base. The chessmen are fully ...
Price:138.36 Euro
OAK Insert tray
It is one of the largest and most impressive sets from our range. The design of the chess pieces is unique. These fully hand ...
Price:138.36 Euro
CASTLE Intarsia
The design of this set is the same as the one of the CH106A. However it is a bit smaller: 56x28cm instead of 60x30cm. It goes ...
Price:70.92 Euro
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