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Catalog :: OLD POLISH - Insert tray
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BABUSHKA - Insert tray
The chessmen in this set have a unique Russian or Ukrainian design. They are fully hand-crafted and made from birch wood. They ...
Price:31.56 Euro
MAGNETIC Inlaid (instarsia), Insert tray
The chessmen design and the size of this set corresponds with our CHW10 set. However the folding chess board has been inlaid with ...
Price:25.08 Euro
CLASSIC  - Insert tray
These lovely chessmen have a classical design. However they rather slim and therefore they differ from the Staunton style ...
Price:39.79 Euro
ROYAL - Insert tray
This chess set from our Royal range corresponds with the Ambassador set. The chessmen are exactly the same and they are made from ...
Price:44.28 Euro
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INDIAN - insert intarsy
This large Indian chess set has been available now with lovely folding chess board of 50x25x6cm. Chess board has been inlaid ...
Price:44.26 Euro
It is the largest and one of the most luxury sets from our line. The chessmen made from lime wood have been totally hand crafted. ...
Price:237.72 Euro
ROYAL DE LUX – LARGE Insert tray
Each of these lovely chess pieces from this set is weighted with a brass ring placed above the base. The chessmen are fully ...
Price:138.36 Euro
CASTLE – LARGE - Insert tray, inlaid (intarsia)
This lovely chess set is the largest from our range of the Castle chess. It goes with an inlaid mahogany/sycamore folding chess ...
Price:79.20 Euro
CASTLE Intarsia
The design of this set is the same as the one of the CH106A. However it is a bit smaller: 56x28cm instead of 60x30cm. It goes ...
Price:70.92 Euro
This is the smallest set from our range of the Castle chess. The design is similar to the one of the CH106A or CH106C. The ...
Price:52.68 Euro
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